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James Limborg

Home of the best music and Boss GT-10 patches by James Limborg.

James Limborg Collage
I am a rock guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, music composer and producer musician from Minnesota. My main instrument is the guitar but I also play the drums, bass guitar and keyboards.

I've always had a passion for music. When I was a little kid I use to bang on pots and pans with forks and spoons really loud; I was really good. I took my first drum lesson when I was 8 years old. My favorite drummer back then was Alex Van Halen. I spent a lot of time listening to Van Halen cassette-tapes trying to learn the drums by ear. I took my first guitar lesson when I was 10 years old. It's funny how a musician will focus on the instrument they play while listening to their favorite music. I say that because I never noticed Eddie Van Halen the first three years I was listening to Van Halen cassette-tapes while learning the drums, but when I started playing the guitar I started to notice how amazing Eddie Van Halen's musical talent was. I took one year of guitar lessons from a friend and then spent the next 3-years learning on my own by listening to Van Halen cassettes-tapes and trying to learn the guitar parts by ear. My thinking back then was if I can play as good as Eddie Van Halen then it should be much easier learing to play other, less-complicated rock guitar music I like. And that was true; But spending all those years trying to play like Eddie Van Halen took away me having my own style.

When I was 16 years old I started writing and recording music on a 4-track tape-cassette recorder and I also got into my first band, called Back-Stage, with some of my friends from Junior High School. Back-Stage played 1980s rock music at school events [Dances, senior breakfast, homecoming, prom, etc.] as well as some outdoor events [After-school parties, a parade, county fairs, wedding receptions, corporate parties, etc.]. I got my first keyboard [Roland D-50] and drum-machine [Alesis HR-16] when I was 18 years old.

In 1991 [21-years old] I was hired by The Jets [A 1980s pop band that I met through some friends from school] to play guitar, drums, and keyboards at their live-performances. After The Jets I was hired to play guitar for Ingrid Chavez [A Prince and Warner Bros. music project]. After playing guitar for Ingrid Chavez I started a variety band with my first guitar teacher and friend [Drew Kabanuk]. Our band was called Paradise Band. In Paradise Band I played the guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. I learned how to play the bass guitar in Paradise Band because the other guitar player [Paul Booth Johnson], lead singer and guitarist [Drew Kabanuk] and I would all trade off playing the bass guitar. Paradise Band played at bars, weddings, Corporate parties, and some outdoor events.

I spent most of my years after that writing and recording music on my own and with my friend Steve Laws Anderson. We recorded some of our music in professional music recording studios, but eventually I bought my own music recording equipment so I could record things how 'I' wanted and so I was never rushed by the recording studios hourly rates. That's where I learned how to produce music and use the Creamware 64-band Spectrum Analyzer.

I bought a BOSS GT-10 (guitar multi effects pedal) in July of 2010. I had it connected to two small guitar amps [Tech 21, Trademark 30] so I could place each of the guitar amps about 10 feet apart for a full-stereo sound. I remember trying to create one decent distortion sound (using my ear) and finally gave up after 3-hours. I almost returned the BOSS GT-10; But then I realized that I could probably create some good sounds if I connected the BOSS GT-10 to some studio monitors and use the Creamware 64-band spectrum analyzer (which came with my music recording software) to copy guitar sounds from famous guitarist's studio album recordings; And it worked. I started selling those guitar sounds [called BOSS GT-10 Patches] on my website; And to my surprise people started buying them. Now I have a small business selling my BOSS GT-10 patches to people all over the world.
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